Description of the trouble

My main trouble at the moment is to find a way to Load the programms inside the Virtual Machine. The MARS had been designed as a closed system, with absolutely no input, and one output, namely the result of the fight.

That means that my current question doesn’t get answered by design:

How to get the programs in the Core of puredarwin MARS ?

I made a first try with an RS232 Module (self-designed) where the goal would be to load the Programs via a serial line ... I’m not entirely satisfied with that solution. Actually, I’m not sure that it would be practical.


Do not use any loader

For the moment, I would advice using rev 548b16a67881 and as a main to simulate. This testModule also has a correct simulation implementation for the Queue and the Core. This shouldn’t be a trouble to test a program on this MARS.

Quality of this solution

This solution makes some sense as the MyHDL module are actually not directly intended for synthesis. So, using simulation tricks in order to simulate is not seen as a betrayal.