puredarwin is a pure Hardware Implementation of CoreWar.

Darwin ???

Darwin is the predecessor of the CoreWar game.

CoreWar ?

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In Corewar, programs are fighting each other in the same memory space, the goal is to kill the other programs by making them execute illegal instructions.

Programs are written in assembly, RedCode is the name of the assembly used.

pure Hardware Implementation ?

Our world is made of two kind of people, the one that write software, and the one that design hardware. In the past, the former were slaved by the later, this is less and less true. Anyway, I made my study in the hardware field, and I’m now spending my day at $paying_job writing software.

Our goal here is to achieve a silicon running CoreWar game engine.

Actually, when I speak about an implementation of CoreWar, I am truly speaking about an implementation of MARS (Memory Array Redcode Simulator) ... even if my implementation is everything but a simulator !

This implementation is split into Modules.

The code is written in an unexpected language when in comes to Hardware Design, I choose Python to help me with that task. Bare Python is of course not able to describe Hardware Modules, that’s where MyHDL comes into the scene. MyHDL advertise itself as being able to output VHDL as well as Verilog, I’m curious of the result. Anyway, I don’t own any FPGA, ASIC or even Lattice right now, so gtkwave will be my best guess when it comes to simulation for some time.